Why We Can Provide Lower Commissions

At Halfapercent Real Estate our philosophy is very simple - we give you a fair deal.

We don't believe in the ultra-high fees that are the "standard" in the Real Estate Industry.

What we do at Halfapercent Real Estate, is provide our services to you at one of the best commission rates available in the entire industry.

How do we do this?
Simple we cut out the "fat".

We don't pay franchise fees, or provide you with a fruit hamper, bottles of wines, gold class movie tickets and expensive marketing materials used to enhance some agents profiles not your property's. You pay for these extras, through your high fees and commissions - they aren't free.

We provide you with real savings, and prefer to let you decide what you want to do with these savings, to spend any way you want.

In providing you with a fair deal, we still earn a really great living doing what we really enjoy, and that is renting your quality property and having you tell your friends about us.

We aren't unique in the retail and service industries of "cutting out the unnecessary waste" and have modelled our business on two such examples, one a large well known entertainment retailer, and the other an innovative and ground-breaking home loan lender, who both understand and believe in the importance of offering a quality product at a fair price. By cutting out the unnecessary fat, they as we do ensure that these savings are passed back to you, the client.

We can be honest, and most of all afford to be patient with you and the renting process, rather than pressuring you. No matter what your situation, we can work with you to get the best result in each situation.

While rents in some cases have doubled, we DON'T think that means real estate fees should double. The same amount of work is involved as it always has and that is why we offer commissions well below industry standard rates.

Our Company is based on three key cornerstones, Ethics, Value and Service, and we always look for the absolute best result for each and every client.

Our Commitment to You:
We believe that every client of ours has an absolute right to expect 100% satisfaction.

Your Commitment to Us:
That you keep on coming back to us, that you provide us with ongoing feedback and that you tell your friends and colleagues about us!

We look forward to working for you and being of service to you.