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At Halfapercent Property Management we recognise as an investor you need more than just the weekly rent, that service is more than just a smile and that maximising your income is more important than ever before.


We believe Halfapercent Property Management is an investment, not a cost, as we truly manage your property, not just, collecting the rent on your behalf.

While house prices and rents in some cases have doubled, we DON’T think that means real estate commissions should double. The same amount of work is involved as it always has and that is why we offer commissions well below industry standard rates.

How do we do this?
Simple we cut out the “fat”.
We don’t pay franchise fees, or provide you with a fruit hamper, bottles of wines, gold class movie tickets and expensive marketing materials normally used to enhance some agents profiles not your property’s. You pay for these extras, through your high fees and commissions – they aren’t free.

Discounted Fees Worth Smiling About

Managing your investment has never been a straight-forward process. Today, investors and homeowners are being faced with ever-changing complex legislation. Gone are the days when property management was simply about collecting rent - it is really asset management with all its complexity. Unlike franchise offices, all our team work together under the same roof, sharing the responsibility for your success. The secret of our successful property management is communication and our property managers are contactable by office phone, email, fax, mobile phone and mail. It is our policy to attempt to return phone calls and emails by the close of business the same day.


With more new buildings planned in the inner Melbourne area and therefore more new apartments available to rent it has led to a dramatic increase in tenant expectation of rental property quality.

To ensure that your property is leased and your rental return continues to increase and the capital value of your investment increases, it is imperative that the condition of your property meets with market expectations.

What we do is provide helpful suggestions on simple, inexpensive strategies, maintain meticulous photographic evidence of the property’s condition throughout each tenancy, carry out regular inspections with diligent reporting ensuring your property is maintained in the best possible manner to minimise damage and vacancy periods.



There are two areas of property management, leasing and managing, and accordingly there are two separate fees.

The leasing fee is charged only when a property is leased to a new tenant. If your property is already tenanted, the leasing fee is not applicable until the property is next vacated and re-leased.

Management fees are on-going and some of our services include, payment of outgoings, arranging repairs, conducting inspections and negotiating rent increases and lease renewals. Your Property Manager will be pleased to provide you with a detailed schedule of services and fees that fulfill your individual needs.

Tenant Selection

We are very hard to please when it comes to selecting tenants and only select tenants who meet out stringent reference checks.

tenant selection

Prospective tenants are qualified as suitable by checking past employment, past real estate tenancies, and business and personal references.

It is important to ascertain who prospective tenants are. We verify their details by using our 100 Point Identification process. We are also members of the National Tenancy Database (NTD) - a tenant default database, which specialises in tenant default records.

At all times the FINAL selection of the most suitable tenant, is your choice based on your property manager’s advice.

We recognise the importance of sourcing and selecting the best tenants for your property and because of this we use a variety of advertising measures to gain maximum exposure for your property. These may include the internet, our rental list, a lease sign/board (if appropriate), relocation agencies and also “The Age” classifieds if necessary. The internet is a powerful tool for attracting tenants and over 90% of all our tenants make initial contact with us via our website, so it makes good sense to fully harness this powerful resource.


Maintenance matters are carried out in accordance with your instructions. Our tradespeople have been carefully selected by us over many years and have proven to be reliable and reasonably priced.

Halfapercent Real Estate does not receive any rebates from our tradespeople, thus ensuring our landlords receive the most cost effective service.

Many of our tradespeople are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of emergencies.

Should you wish to use your own preferred tradespeople to carry out any necessary repairs, all we require is their information.

Routine Inspections

Current legislation allows us to inspect your property every six months. During these inspections we conduct a maintenance inspection as well as a general check of the internal and external condition of your property. You will be kept informed of the outcome after each inspection.

Once a tenant gives notice of their intention to vacate, a “pre-vacating inspection” is conducted to ensure the tenants are aware of any specific areas requiring attention prior to vacating. A formal vacating inspection is scheduled once keys have been returned, before the bond is returned. Our use of photographic evidence to document the condition of your property helps ensure that your property is returned in the same condition prior to each tenancy.

Rental reviews

We realise the importance of rental returns and are constantly monitoring the current market rental on your behalf to ensure the best returns on your investment.

Rent collection

We offer our tenants numerous payment methods including: automated direct debit, Bpay, phone and internet transfers.

Rent arrears

We have an effective rent arrears procedure in place should a tenant fall behind with their rent. Our primary focus is to ensure that we minimize any loss of income to you. Our office issues appropriate notices in accordance with the law.


Our office utilises the latest approved computer software so we can account monies to you.

At the end of each financial year a fully computerised statement summarising all income and expenditure relating to your property, is available upon request.


We strongly recommend that your take out Landlords Protection Insurance to protect your rental income, property contents and public liability.

Service Guarantee

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest standard of service and that you as our client have an absolute right to expect 100% satisfaction.

We look forward to working for you and being of service to you