Welcome to Halfapercent Real Estate


As an independent real estate agency, at Halfapercent Real Estate our philosophy is very simple – we give you a fair deal.

We don't believe in the ultra-high fees that are the "standard" in the Real Estate Industry.

What we do at Halfapercent Real Estate, is provide our services to you at one of the best commission rates available in the entire industry.

How do we do this? 
Simple we cut out the “fat”. 
We don’t pay franchise fees, or provide you with a fruit hamper, bottles of wines, gold class movie tickets and expensive marketing materials used to only to enhance the agents profiles. You pay for these extras, through your high fees and commissions – they aren’t free.

We provide you with real savings, and prefer to let you decide what you want to do with these savings, to spend any way you want

In providing you with a fair deal, we still earn a really great living doing what we really enjoy, and that is selling and renting your property and having you tell your friends about us.

Our clients appreciate our Directors hands-on involvement, our meticulous attention to detail and our team-focused commitment. It's our highly professional and individual approach that helps us get the best results, which includes record sale prices!

If you need help or advice with buying, selling, management or leasing property, or owners corporation management, contact us today.

As the real estate specialists in your area we look forward to meeting you.